Presentation Bundle 5

Get our best photo and multimedia extensions in one bundle and save money! Three of our most popular extensions combined to form an amazing presentation team.



Active Slideshow Pro

Create dazzling multimedia presentations

Create dazzling multimedia presentations, slideshows and banners with Active Slideshow Pro. This extension builds on the success of Active Slideshow and gives you new spectacular effects and optimal control over your slides, texts, transitions and sounds. Check out the demo.

The extension has been discontinued, please get HTML5 Slideshow 2.

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3D ImageFlow Gallery

Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation

Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation using 3D ImageFlow Gallery. Create an amazing gallery with cool  perspective effects in seconds and give your photos stunning 3d and camera effects. Check out the demo.   


Add and edit your images directly in Dreamweaver. Interact with other components like the Flash MP3 Player, Advanced Layer Popup or Spry elements and effects to glue everything together.


The extension has been discontinued. 

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3D Photo Wall

Transform your images into a 3D experience that will stun your users.

 Create an interactive moving 3D Photo Wall directly in Dreamweaver. Zoom in to full-size versions of images, add links and even inline popups using Advanced Layer Popup or DMXzone Lightbox. Directly use photos from your camera or hard drive as the build-in DMXzone image processor will automatically rotate your images and make thumbnails in an eye blink. No external application is needed!

This extension is build for Dreamweaver. There is also a version for the Flash IDE that is designed for building Flash applications.

Take a look at the tutorial about 3D Photo Wall featured in the Layers Magazine!

The extension has been discontinued.

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3D Photo Wall Classic Demo 

The 3D Photo Wall Demo features reflections, a super zoom view (click on an image to zoom in, then when it is loaded click again for a full zoom).

Check Out the Classic Demo: 


3D ImageFlow Gallery, An Audio Controlled 3D Gallery With The Art Of Juri Tscharyiski

Flash MP3 Player now Controls 3D Image Flow Gallery and vice versa. This latest demo demonstrates that when a new mp3 starts, the gallery switches it's main image. We've combined Depth of Field, Depth Fog and Motion Blur effects to create a cinematic experience. Notice that the text on the page changes and fades in and out when the images in our Gallery are changed, this is done with the new Behaviours Connector which enables you to interact with other page elements.

Jukebox Demo with new Sound Control Feature 

We've combined 3D ImageFlow Gallery and Flash MP3 Player to create an interactive experience that combines sounds and visuals that will amaze your audience! 

Updated BeowulF Demo

To show you the different possible gallery styles you can have with 3D ImageFlow Gallery, the BeowulF demo uses a large horizontal canvas that you can explore. The creatures seem to come forward due to the special effects we used.

Tip: When the popup has loaded, click just above the images and press F12 (or CTRL+F12 on the Mac) to play around with the settings of the demo's in a cool control panel.

New Video

Create and Present Your Charts Like Never Before
This video will show you how easy you can create a chart gallery using 3D ImageFlow Gallery and DMXzone Google Charts.


Active Slideshow Pro, New Demo From The Renowned Photographer Juri Tscharyiski


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Video: Active Slideshow Pro and Advanced Layer Popup join forces

In this video we demonstrate how you can create an amazing slideshow that is displayed in an inline popup that is not blocked by popup blockers.

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Type: Suite
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4

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