PHP CSS on Browser

This server behavior will insert a PHP script which checks which browser is being used and displays the correct stylesheet. The Current choices are IE, NS4.xx, NS6 and Opera.


This extension requires Interakt's PHP Server Model.

Updated 6th September

I discovered that this extension will not run without the user having the SBB extension installed. So I have changed a few things to allow it to work without the SBB.

Type: Server Behavior
Product: UltraDev 4

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can't download
April 17, 2002 by andreas schimanski
do you have a idee way i can't download this script whits may mac? is ther another possibility to do this? best andreas
RE: Others Browsers?
October 10, 2001 by chief monkey

 The next release will include another browser option and a default stylesheet as well, i am also thinking of adding a redirect if it is a text only  browser, I may also include platform as well, but then there may be too many options.



Others Browsers?
October 7, 2001 by Guillermo Carrion
What stylesheet is displayed if the usre is using other browser other than the four supported?