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The Missing Link for Dreamweaver!

Empower your Dreamweaver Spry Components with the new Spry Actions Behaviors! Glue them together with other extensions like CSS Image Gallery, 3D ImageFlow, 3D Photo Wall or Flash MP3 Player, by using the build in DMXzone Behavior Connector. With the simple, visual and intuitive integration you can achieve fantastic results in a few clicks!

With Spry Actions you can finally bind actions together: when an image is shown in gallery – open the Spry Accordion related to it, when a Spry tab is clicked on – play some music with the Flash MP3 Player – combinations are endless.



Connect CSS Image Gallery with Spry Tabbed Panels
With this movie we will show you how easily you can connect CSS Image Gallery with Spry Tabbed Panels using our new product, Spry Actions.

This suite of Spry behaviors include:   

  • Control Spry Accordion:
    Now you can fully control your Spry Accordion and let it open or close whenever you want.

  • Control Spry Collapsible Panel:
    Also fully control your Spry Collapsible Panel and let it expand and collapse when you need.

  • Control Spry Tabbed Panels:
    Are you using the Spry Tabbed Panels? Do you want to switch when you need to a specific tab? Use this control behavior.


Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4

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