Google Reforms Chrome for Snow Leopard
September 1, 2009 by Lubov Cholakova Source article

Google released an update for Chrome to fix compatibility problems with Snow Leopard, which along with other fixes shows the gradually maturing state of the Mac OS X version of the browser.


There are some significant changes in the developer-preview software. For Snow Leopard compatibility, programmers fixed a garbled text bug.

Google is fleshing out some basic features, though. One user-interface tweak enables support for command- and shift-clicking.

Another feature coming to the Mac is support for the tab-to-search feature in the omnibox. That lets you perform a site search directly from the address bar by typing a URL, then the tab key, then search terms.

Tab-to-search also works with Amazon, Google, Google News, and Yahoo, The New York Times, but not Bing yet.

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