Reinstall and Update sequence for DMXzone extensions
January 29, 2010 by Miroslav Zografski


Here is a simple sequence that should be performed each time you Reinstall or Update any of your extensions:

1.) Close the DW.
2.) Open the Extension Manager


(if you cannot find it in Adobe folder in Applications (MAC) or in All Programs/Programs (Win) before closing the Dreamweaver go to Commands -> Manage Extensions...  and then close the Dreamweaver)

3.) Remove the currently installed version of the extension.
4.) Clear the cache file and restart Dreamweaver then close it again.
5.) Install the extension new version or reinstall the old.
6.) Start Dreamweaver and follow the DMXzone installation wizard.
7.) Restart Dreamweaver.
8.) (Optional) If you are reinstalling the extension due to an error and that error is not fixed after this sequence, please, check following FAQ:

Various solutions for Extension installation problems

if problem persist contact the Support Department through the extension forum or Live Support Chat.


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