Progress not working on Large Files on Windows 2008/IIS7
April 7, 2010 by George Petrov


I'm trying to upload really large files with Pure ASP Upload 3 to my new Windows 2008 server running IIS7. But the files don't get uploaded and the progressbar keeps showing zero progress.


On Windows 2008 IIS7 there is a new limit setting that you should be aware of. For security reasons Microsoft has limited the default form submit limit to about 28MB (30000000 bytes)

The setting for this is called maxAllowedContentLength and it is in your web.config

So just add this in your web.config to increase to limits to for example 500MB ( 524288000 bytes)

<requestLimits maxallowedcontentlength="524288000" />

Note: the value is in bytes!

See for more info about  maxAllowedContentLength

See also for more info

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