Custom hand cursor

February 14, 2003 by Daryl Wail
How do I customize the pointer cursor to one of my own within my own web site?

This is not absolutely true

July 27, 2003 by Ana Kya
According to CSS specifications "hand" is not an attribute of cursor. You should use "pointer". What happens is that Internet Explorer does not implement CSS correctly so IMHO the correct answer should be to use both: .cursor{ cursor: pointer; cursor: hand; } This way it works on IE and CSS on compatible browsers like the ones based on Mozilla.

Very usefull!!

October 12, 2003 by Roberto Bellina
The tutorial is well explained, although it would have been even better if there were an example for newbie users, like me... Yhank you anyway, I managed to put it at work...doesn't work with Safari on MacOSX

RE: Custom hand cursor

October 12, 2003 by Marcellino Bommezijn

Point to the URL where the custom cursor is located. Something like this:


This will probably only work where this class is defined in your page (hyperlinks) and not outside.

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