Rovio's Angry Birds Won't Work On Slow Androids
November 22, 2010 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

The very popular physics game, Angry Birds from Rovio has been recently brought to the Android platform. But it's suffering performance problems on certain handsets with slow processors therefore plans for a new "lightweight" version has already been made.

Angry Birds Android

The Need for Two Separate Versions

The handsets that can't run Angry Birds all have relatively weak CPUs, many clocked at 528mhz. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the T-Mobile G1 and other first generation Android phones can't run the latest computationally-intensive Android games, but there are also a few relatively recent handsets that also landed on Rovio's list of bad birds.

Rovio says that it wanted to avoid having to maintain multiple versions of the game for Android, but they eventually determined that it was the only way to reach all of the potential users. The new "light" version will still have all of the game's levels, but it will be optimized to work properly on handsets with slower processors.

Rovio's Last Words

"So far, we have hesitated to create multiple versions of Angry Birds for the Android platform," the company wrote. "But judging by the feedback we have received, we feel that by providing a lightweight solution, we are doing a favour for our fans."

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