i3DG Puts 3D Video On Your iPhone & iPod Touch
November 24, 2010 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Getting 3D video playback on your iPhone or iPod touch could be as old-school simple as tilting a mirror at an angle. And that appears to be what media artist Jitsuro Mase has done, employing three half-silvered mirrors to create the illusion of 3D display.

i3DG 3d View

Bringing 3D minus the clunky 3D eyewear to the handset ahead of other phone makers, the i3DG Palm Top Theater is a small box-shaped accessory that plugs in to an iPhone or iPod touch for playback. It claims to be capable of supporting a gamut of applications from 3D videos to accelerometer-based games.

And there won't be a shortage of potential 3D content, unlike with TV, since anyone can use video-editing software such as Final Cut, Flash, Premier, After Effects and MaxMSP/Jitter to produce the 960 × 640 format required. As an upcoming showcase of these works, a Palm Top Theater mobile 3D exhibition will reportedly run from late January to early February under the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Catch the video below to see how it works.

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