Adobe Announces Adoption of eBook DRM by Google
December 7, 2010 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that Google has licensed Adobe Content Server 4 software as its ebook content protection solution for Google eBooks. With the addition of Google, more than 200 publishers and distributors worldwide have now deployed Adobe Content Server, making it the most pervasive Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution for ebooks and other digital publications.

The Cross-platform Solution

As a true cross-platform solution, Adobe Content Server enables consumers to purchase or lend ebooks through thousands of points-of-purchase without being tied to one store. With support of the Adobe Reader Mobile software development kit (SDK) on more than 85 devices and applications, consumers can download and read protected ebooks from Google eBooks in both PDF and EPUB format.

Adobe Content Server 4

Adobe Content Server is part of Adobe’s end-to-end Digital Publishing Solution for ebooks with Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. The solution allows users to download and read ebooks from Google eBooks without being locked into a proprietary file format or device. More than 200 publishers and distributors worldwide are using the solution today to securely deliver their copyrighted content to end-users through thousands of points-of-purchase across the globe, including many public libraries.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

With the Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe enables companies to offer smartphones and reading devices that can easily download, manage, and display ebooks based on PDF and the open EPUB file format.

With these new types of interactive, branded experiences, publishers can create rich content on tablets, smartphones and other devices that attracts high-value subscribers and advertisers.

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