HTML5 Gets an Official Logo From W3C
January 19, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

W3C has unveiled a new logo for HTML5 — and along with it, a new way of framing the conversation about newer web development technologies. With the ardent support of companies such as Google and a great deal of enthusiasm from developers in all areas of work, HTML5 has taken its place in popular conversation as the magic-bullet antidote for everything that’s wrong with web development.

HTML5 Main

The Logo

The logo was designed by boutique agency Ocupop, a firm that focuses on branding, identity and web design, among other facets of marketing and design work.

Ocupop logo designer Michael Nieling said in a statement, “The term HTML5 has taken on a life of its own; there has been significant confusion and debate both within the developer community and in the public at large as to what exactly HTML5 is when the term is used outside of simply referring to the spec itself… The standard needs a standard. That is, HTML5 needs a consistent, standardized visual vocabulary to serve as a framework for conversations, presentations, and explanations.”

The HTML5 badge

The HTML5 badge comes in a keystone shape that symbolizes “how HTML5 stands at the center of this current technology movement,” as Neiling put it. The shape is also reminiscent of a coat of arms, a sort of “badge of honor we felt captured the spirit and substance of the open web platform and the community surrounding it.”

The logo is meant to be taken and used by all members of the web developer/designer community; in fact, on the logo’s site, you can customize your own badge according to the types of technology you use with eight classes that range from semantics to styling.

HTML5 Badge Builder 

HTML5 Merchandise

The site also offers free stickers and $22.50 T-shirts with the new HTML logo. And of course it’s got a full gallery of sites that truly showcase what devs and designers can do with HTML5.

HTML5 Shirt 

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