Google Buys SayNow Social Voice Platform
January 26, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Google has scooped up SayNow, a company with a platform that enables social voice applications. SayNow announced that they would combine forces with the Google Voice team. SayNow's platform supports applications used by celebrities and sports figures to communicate with groups.

Google SayNow

What is SayNow?

For instance, the musical artist Souljaboy used a SayNow phone number to let fans listen to his voice messages, potentially talk to him and interact with each other. SayNow says that the Souljaboy phone number is the most called seven-digit phone number ever.

SayNow has Opened its Platform to Third Parties

The technology from SayNow will join other phone technologies at Google. In addition to its Android mobile operating system, the company offers Google Voice, a service that lets people combine multiple lines under one phone number and one voicemail box. Google just recently started letting people port their existing mobile phone numbers to become their primary Google Voice number. Previously, Google would assign users a new phone number.

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