Google announces the web based Android Market
February 3, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

At the Google Event for Android 3.0, an online version of the Android Market was announced and is available for use immediately.  Essentially, your Android smartphone is connected to your Google Account and if you sign into the online Android Market website using your Google Account, it will automatically sync with your phone.

Android Market

Android Market

Instead of having to search for apps using your phone’s small touch screen, you can now browse apps with ease with the online version of the Market.  After finding an app that is appealing to you (free or paid, it doesn’t matter), you simply press install and confirm the installation to your Android phone.  I have already tried it out with my Android phone and it works as billed.

Feel free to begin using it today and as soon as you install an app, be sure to check your phone because it should already be downloading the app.

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