Google's Demo Slampionship Kicks Off
February 17, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Google's Demo Slam turns it up a notch with the first-ever Demo Slampionship, which just kicked off. The idea behind Demo Slam is pretty simple: pit videos of technical demos against each other for users to vote on. By doing this you to get your tech demo in front of as many eyeballs as possible, roping in those least likely to watch a standard tech demo.

Google Demo Slam

Google's 2011 Demo Slampionship

Google's 2011 Demo Slampionship sees 16 tech demos battling it out in a four-round knockout-style cup. Users jump on over to the DemoSlam site, watch the two competing videos in each matchup, and choose which demo they'd put through to the next round. The one with the most votes in each pairing at the end of the round (just over 7 days from now) goes through to vie off against another winner of the previous round.

Right now there are 16 videos to watch, ranging from beautiful animation using Google Docs to ordering a Curry in Hindi with the power of Google Translate. While it's a predictably Google tool dominated affair, most of the videos are fun and worth watching.

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