Adobe: Flash Coming To Android Tablets
February 22, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

There was quite a bit of commotion in the tech press over a Verizon ad that stated that Flash wouldn’t be making its way to Android tablets until Spring 2011. Which has the potential to be pretty far off (as late as June), especially given that the Motorola Xoom — the first tablet to run Android Honeycomb — will be coming out in a few days.

Adobe Flash 

Flash for Android

Now Adobe has issued a blog post clarifying just how long we’ll have to wait: they say it will be available “within a few weeks of Android 3 (Honeycomb) devices becoming available, the first of which is expected to be the Motorola Xoom”. Which sounds like it should be around mid-March, though Adobe has still left itself some wiggle room. At least it’s a lot better than June.

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