Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator
February 28, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

The Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator is a technology preview program for more adventurous developers who are willing to experiment with Flash Platform runtime features that are in early development stages. Test the bleeding-edge capabilities of runtimes and contribute to the future of the Flash Platform. Please note that the capabilities in the Incubator builds may or may not be supported in future releases of the runtimes.

New features

  • “Molehill” 3D APIs for Flash Player and AIR — A new set of low-level, GPU-accelerated 3D APIs that enable advanced 3D experiences across devices through the Adobe Flash Platform runtimes.
  • Cubic Bezier Curves — Using the cubicCurveTo drawing API, developers can easily create cubic Beziers without requiring custom ActionScript code.

Not as Stable as a Final Release

These are early builds of Flash Player or AIR and may not be as stable as a final release. However, the current released features should still work as expected. AIR applications should be for developer testing only, and Flash Player builds are not recommended for use in your default, daily-use browser. The availability of AIR and Flash Player and supported OS and platforms may vary on the downloads page between updates to this program.

Follow the latest Incubator Builds

Subscribe to the RSS feed on the Flash Platform Runtime Releases blog (tag: incubator), to get notifications when Adobe post new Incubator builds. To discuss Incubator builds and features, visit the Incubator forum.

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