Can I use this EXT without ultraDev
October 25, 2001 by owen Yuen


I am ASP developer by hand coding.  I would like use use this EXT for my project, but I don't have Ultra DEV.  I like this EXT since no need component at all.  But how can I extract this EXT to individual ASP file & using into my project without Ultra DEV. Answer:
Unfortunately this extension is made for UltraDev only. So to use it you will need UltraDev.

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File not being uploaded
April 2, 2002 by Douglas Smith

First let me tell you what I DO know...the ADO is 2.5, no attempt is being made to add information to a DB and there are no errors being given during the process.

When the form is submitted (with a redirect file added to the PureASP), the upload page is returned blank with the contents of the form in the querystring of the URL (ie. "test.asp?Filename=<FUll Path>5CNV2001_0704.PDF&submit=submit">, but the file never makes it to the destination folder on the server.

Any ideas what the problem is?