Firefox 4 RC Vs. IE9 RC: The First Duel
March 8, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Mozilla posted the first builds of the Release Candidate of Firefox on its FTP servers: Time for a first comparison with IE9 RC, its main rival. How fast is Mozilla's Firefox 4 RC1? Mozilla's Firefox 4 RC has not been released, at least not officially.

Almost Finished

According to Mozilla’s developer posts, the Firefox team does not expect to make any more changes to the code of the posted RC (build1) and release it as the final version in the near future. In fact, the version posted on Mozilla’s FTP server was built from the Firefox 4.0 beta 13-pre builds based on the Mozilla 2.0 core. The version number of the browser tested in this article is “4.0? and not “4.0 RC”.

FF First Impression 

The First Impression

Both IE9 and Firefox 4 are beautiful browsers with dramatically enhanced user interfaces. The overall impression is a much more lightweight browser than Firefox 3.6. Mozilla has made clever use of the available space and while we know that design is always a matter of taste, we believe that Firefox 4 arrives with a modern, attractive and somewhat unique interface. Firefox 4 carries a massive task on its shoulders, a task to retake lost market share, defend a very competitive new rival, IE9 and build a bridge to Mozilla's future, which will be represented much more by Firefox 5 than by Firefox 4. Firefox 5 is due before July of this year.

HTML5 Test

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