Yahoo Unveils Its Answer to Google Instant Search
March 24, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Yahoo announced upgrades to its search product that bring up search results in real-time as a query is typed, much like the "Google Instant" technology launched last year. Called "Search Direct," Yahoo says this still-in-beta service will provide a fast, simple search experience that goes beyond a list of blue links.

Yahoo Search Direct 

Yahoo Search Direct

Highlighted in Yahoo Search Direct are results beyond the hyperlink, with its ability to detect queries related to movies, television, local information, and trending news topics. Yahoo's search market share is currently flat, according to numbers released this month by Experian Hitwise--about 16 percent in both January and February, in comparison to Bing, which ticked up slightly from 13 percent to 13.6 percent over that same time period.

Yahoo's chief product officer, Blake Irving, said that Search Direct is in league with the company's aim to "engage and delight" users. "When I saw the initial prototypes of the stuff, I was absolutely blown away," Irving said of Search Direct. Of its "very strong search alliance with Microsoft," Irving insisted that "Yahoo's still in the search game...(we focus on) the user experience and innovating there."

Google Instant

When Google Instant launched, Shashi Seth authored a Yahoo blog post reminding readers that Yahoo originally launched an instant search feature in 2005.

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