Opera 11.10 RC With HTML5 File API Support
April 7, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Since Opera first introduced Opera 11.10 "Barracuda", there were a couple of new features, countless bug fixes, and lots of snapshots. The result of all this work is soon about to culminate in the final release of Barracuda, because Opera just released the Release Candidate version of Opera 11.10.

Opera Release Candidate 

Opera 11.10 "Barracuda"

The Opera Team in Oslo keeps plugging away at Opera 11.10, and the latest snapshot build includes a number of improvements to Opera's built-in email client -- as well as HTML5-related additions.

IMAP Support

On the IMAP front, Opera now supports special folders like sent items, spam, and trash. It also better handles duplicate items in Gmail -- such as those which appear in all mail and under your custom labels.

  • Opera now recognizes the special IMAP folders 'Sent items', Spam', 'Trash', and treats them as equivalents of the native Sent, Spam and Trash views in Opera Mail. This also works for other IMAP servers that support the XLIST or SPECIAL-USE extensions for the IMAP specification, including the Fastmail IMAP service.
  • Opera now recognizes the special way in which Gmail duplicates messages that appear in the 'All Mail' IMAP folder and the various folders created by Gmail's own 'labels' (including Inbox). To make the best use of this, it is recommended that you subscribe to the all the Gmail IMAP folders (this is a change from earlier advice to suggested users to unsubscribe from the [Gmail]\* folders).
  • Opera Mail will then make sure that messages don't show up twice in its Unread and Recieved views. As for other views like Mailing lists, Contacts, Labels and Attachments, duplication can still occur there. You can improve on this for now by unchecking 'Show hidden' for such views (use the View button in the mail view, then Show > Show hidden).

HTML5 File API Support

Opera 11.10 now partially supports the HTML5 File API as well, which means your favorite Web apps (like Gmail) may soon begin adding Opera to the list of supported browsers.

Opera added partial support for the HTML5 File API, specifically:

  • FileReader
  • Files in HTMLInputElement
  • FileReaderSync in WebWorkers
  • Blob interface
  • File interface
  • FileException in WebWorkers
  • FileError
  • Blob.slice()

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