More Windows 8 Leaks Reveal Cloud Syncing
April 21, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

More details about Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 have apparently leaked onto the Web, revealing new surprises and some makeovers to existing features. A greater peek into the next version of Windows is coming from Windows 8 Milestone 1, also known as Build 7850, which started popping up at various FTP and file-sharing sites. This build was released to Microsoft partners late last year.

Windows 8 Hybrid

Cloud synchronization tool & Hybrid Boot Option

Milestone 2 has since been released, while Milestone 3 has reportedly been compiled. But combined with details from more recent builds, Windows users can get a glimpse into what the future may hold.

One new feature, is a cloud synchronization tool. The feature would let users sync files and folders from their local PCs with a cloud-based service. Another feature is a hybrid boot option. This feature is designed to reduce your PCs bootup time after you shut it down by putting it in a form of hibernation.

Windows 8 USB

Carry Windows 8 on a USB drive

Yet another new feature revealed would allow users to carry Windows 8 with them on a USB drive. This portable workspace, or Windows on a stick option, would let people load a bootable copy of Windows 8 from a USB device and may be geared toward business users who could take their corporate version of Windows 8 with them from the job to work at home.

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