Sencha Ships Ext JS 4 JavaScript Framework
April 27, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Sencha's HTML5-centric world has expanded with the arrival of Ext JS 4, the company's biggest upgrade to its flagship JavaScript framework in two years. The cross browser framework's new features include plug-in-free charting, customizable theming, as well as upgraded components.


Sencha's Ext JS 4

Claiming that more than a million developers use its framework and tools for both desktop and mobile application development, Sencha says Ext JS has comprehensive cross-browser support and an improved data package — all based on a modern architecture.

"Ext JS 4 is the most advanced framework we've ever shipped, it gives enterprises and development shops tremendous firepower to build the next generation of cross-platform web apps," said Abe Elias, Sencha's CTO. "Whether you're using our new UI components, the new charting package, or theming your application, Ext JS 4 makes it easy to build an advanced, highly functional app that harnesses the power and ubiquity of the web, regardless of which browser you're using."

Wide Assortment of Capabilities

The company says that Ext JS 4 delivers a wider assortment of the most advanced drawing, charting, and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework. The new drawing and charting packages leverage SVG and VML — and are designed to equip developers with the option to add advanced graphics, charts, and graphs to their web apps, which will render on everything from Internet Explorer 6 to Chrome.

Ext JS 4 supports Chrome 5+, Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3.2+, and Opera 10+. On modern browsers, Ext JS 4 harnesses the power of HTML5 with capabilities such as CSS3 styling and falls back to alternative solutions on legacy browsers.

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