Mini-review & Competition: Complete Idiot's Guide to iPad&iPhone App Development

Turn your cool idea into the next hot app

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Developing iPhone Apps is the perfect introduction for aspiring iPhone app creators, offering a step-by-step approach exploring all of the tools and key aspects of programming using the iPhone software development kit, including getting the finished product distributed through the App Store.


Apple also reports more than one billion downloads of their more than 25,000 available applications, and both the number of applications and the appetite for them keeps growing. Of the more than 50,000 companies and individuals who have registered as program developers, 60 percent have never before developed an Apple platform.

About the Book:

Part 1, Getting Started - Download the SDK and you're on your way to becoming an iPad and iPhone developer. Get to know the tools you use day-in and day-out as a developer: Xcode, Interface builder, and the iPhone simulator. You write your first lines of code and learn what Objective-C is all about.

Part 2, Building Your User Interface - Start digging deeper into building your app's interface. Learn all the build-in controls in Interface Builder, including sliders, pickers, and text fields. at the same time, figure out how to control the behavior of these elements in Xcode. the core iPad and iPhone programming concepts of delegation, protocols, and collections are also covered in this part.

Part 3, Multi-view Applications - How do you manage an application that has multiple screens? What the heck is a controller? What the heck is MVC? What is a table view, and why is it a big deal? All these questions are answered in full detail in Part 3.

Part 4, The APIs You Can't Wait to Use - This is the moment you've been waiting for. You know all those cool things you love most about your iPad or iPhone: multi-touch, camera, and maps? This part is all about tapping into the APIs for these excellent features. Once you learn the general blueprint for using the APIs in this part, you can apply in to the plethora of other APIs the phone has to offer.

Part 5, Make Your Millions - In this part, learn how to test your own app on your own iPhone or iPod Touch. Learn how to use the debugger to fix memory issues and other bugs in your application. Find memory leaks and optimize your code using Instruments, Clang, and Shark. Finally, when you're ready to cross the finish line, we will walk you through the entire process of submitting your app to the App store.

What You'll Learn:

This book is broken into five parts. In the early chapters, you learn the basics of iPad and iPhone programming using Xcode and Interface builder. After building your firstfew apps, learn how to add controls to your interface, like sliders text fields, and pickers, Multi-view topics such as view controllers, navigation controllers, and tab bar controllers are next. Then, learn some of the remaining core topics, including data management, networking, and animation. At that point, dive into multi-touch, Core Location, and other unique iPad and iPhone APIs. Finally, see how the pros optimize their apps, and follow the step-by-step guide to submit your app to the App Store.


We've got a brand new mini-review and competition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to iPad & iPhone Apps Development. Our friends from Penguin Books are giving away 5 books!

All you need to do, to enter the competition is to answer the following question: "How many pages does the book contain?"

Send your answer to this e-mail address, before Wednesday the 11th of May 2011. Don't forget to include your post address and phone number (required for international shipping) in the e-mail.


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