Google is Cleaning Its API Directory
May 27, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

With all of the recent released APIs, Google's API directory is getting quite long. However, some of the older APIs have been superseded by bigger and better things and others may not be receiving the necessary attention.

Google API Directory 

Google is Cleaning Its API Directory

As the web evolves and priorities change, Google deprecate APIs to free up resources and concentrate on moving forward. Note that the vast majority of Google APIs are not affected by this announcement.

Following the standard deprecation period – often, as long as three years – some of the deprecated APIs will be shut down. The rest have no scheduled date for shutdown, but won’t get any new features. The policy for each deprecated API is specified in its documentation.
  • These APIs are now deprecated but have no scheduled shutdown date:
    Code Search API, Diacritize API, Feedburner APIs, Finance API, Power Meter API, Sidewiki API, Wave API
  • These APIs will be shut down as per their deprecation policies:
    Blog Search API, Books Data API and Books JavaScript API (not the new API), Image Search API, News Search API, Patent Search API, Safe Browsing API (v1 only), Translate API, Transliterate API, Video Search API, Virtual Keyboard API
Wherever possible, the documentation includes suggested alternatives designed to help you achieve similar functionality — whether it’s a new version or related offering.

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