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The PHP & MySQL Training Video series by InfiniteSkills provides a simple yet comprehensive introduction to creating functional applications with this powerful scripting language and database combination. Written and narrated by professional web applications developer Robert J. Tucker, the tutorial includes 155 hands-on lessons, for a total of 10.75 hours. Viewers are introduced to key components of PHP and SQL development as they apply to a real world project. This hands-on focus makes learning the application incredibly easy for beginners.


About the Video Training:

Over the course of the PHP MySQL Programming tutorial series, you will get a guided introduction to the fundamental elements of PHP and MySQL standards and scripting, from operators and arrays to variables, loops, and redirection. But most importantly, everything is presented in an applied format so you are able to learn scripting as it actually used. Viewers are able to learn MySQL and PHP syntax and structure without prior programming knowledge in a dramatically reduced amount of time.

Usable files are included with the PHP Tutorials so that viewers can easily follow the examples used onscreen. Listed here are some of the chapters included in the course; a full listing and numerous free lessons are featured on the Infinite Skills product page.

  • Getting Started - Installation - First, the tutorial video looks at different cross-platform server and development software solutions, and guides viewers through installation so that their computers are ready to code.
  • First Look At MySQL And PHP - Viewers create a simple database, connect to it and write PHP scripts to insert, update and remove data.
  • Outputting And Processing Data - This chapter focuses on the processing capabilities of a functional database, with a look at outputting basic file data and how to use Loops and MySQL joins.
  • PHP Errors And Security - Robert shows how to test for errors, troubleshoot, and work through potential problems. Access levels and data security are also covered.
  • PHP Functions - This chapter shows how to use built-in PHP math functions as well as custom functions and variables to create functional, flexible constructs.
  • Using External Files, And Images - Robert shows how to parse, create, and manipulate external text files and images.
  • Real Life PHP Introduction - The final chapter helps viewers use their new skills to create basic PHP tools and work through object oriented programming principles through the completion of the customer relations solution.


To enter to win a free copy of the PHP/MySQL Training from Infinite Skills, just answer the following question: How many lessons does chapter 10 contain?

Send your answer to this e-mail address, before Wednesday the 8th of June 2011. 

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