Gmail Gives Power to the People Widget
June 1, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Google has introduced a new tool to the social Reach More Customers with Live Chat - Free Whitepaper networking world using one of its strong suits: Gmail. In the next couple weeks, Google will debut a feature for Gmail called the "People Widget."


The "People Widget"

The widget will appear to the right of messages and display information about contacts, including recent messages, shared documents, calendar events, statuses and, perhaps most striking, photos. Users can use widgets to schedule group meetings and online chats. The widget will be rolled out in the next two weeks.

Google has been continually updating Gmail with more functionalities and new add-ons. The People Widget helps make it easier to connect with contacts by consolidating multiple Google features, including Google Buzz and Docs, directly next to the Gmail message, according to the company.

Another connected feature is phone calls conducted through Google Voice. The widget's capabilities are similar to an existing Gmail add-on called "Rapportive," which connects with Facebook. Google did not note any connectivity between widget and other social networks.


A Very Useful Business and Personal Tool

One of the strong features of the widget is its trail of previous communications with an individual contact. This could be a nice touch for anyone who has scrambled to find old-but-pertinent emails while talking with a business contact.

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