CinemaDNG Initiative
June 6, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

The cinema industry is experiencing a similar transition as many filmmakers are foregoing film in favor of digital cinema cameras and workflows. Digital cinema cameras have led to an increasing trend in the usage of RAW workflows and proprietary RAW formats. Proprietary RAW formats lock participants, both vendors and users, into walled gardens with limited interoperability and longevity. Adobe is leading the CinemaDNG Initiative to improve interoperability in Digital Cinema RAW workflows.

Advantages for Vendors and Filmmakers

The CinemaDNG Initiative offers a solution by defining an open file format for digital cinema files to streamline workflows and ensure that digital cinema files can be easily archived and exchanged. By providing a unified, publicly-documented file format, the CinemaDNG Initiative offers several core advantages for camera manufacturers, software vendors, and filmmakers.

  • Advantages for Camera and Software Vendors
    Reduce costs and time to market by eliminating the need to develop and maintain proprietary formats and conversion utilities.

    Remove a key obstacle to the adoption of new products by providing instant interoperability with existing workflows.
  • Advantages for Filmmakers
    Avoid roadblocks caused by incompatibilities in workflows that involve multiple devices, vendors, and file formats.

  • Industry Support for CinemaDNG
    A broad range of industry-leading companies are supportive of the CinemaDNG effort, including:
Advanced Architectures
Adobe Systems
Fraunhofer IIS
Gamma & Density
Image Engineering
RadiantGrid Technologies
Silicon Imaging
Synthetic Aperture
The Foundry
Vision Research

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