Live Transit Updates in Google Maps
June 9, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Starting now, Google Maps for mobile and desktop can tell you when your ride is actually going to arrive with new live transit updates. Google partnered with transit agencies to integrate live transit data in four U.S. cities and two European cities: Boston, Portland, Ore., San Diego, San Francisco, Madrid and Turin.

Live Transit Updates in Google Maps

When you click on a transit station or plan a transit route with Google Maps and there are delays or alerts related to your trip, you’ll now see “live departure times” (indicated with a special icon) and service alerts.

Some of  the Features are:

  • Live transit departure times after tapping on a station
  • Live service alerts when receiving transit directions
  • Live departures and alerts on desktop

Google is working with their public transit partners to help them provide live data to more people in more cities. You can get live transit updates in the latest version of Google Maps for mobile (requires Android 1.6+), as well as Google Maps on all supported desktop and mobile browsers.


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