Microsoft Declares WebGL 'harmful' to Security
June 17, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

A security firm raised new concerns today about WebGL--but Microsoft piled on with an opinion that's likely more damaging to fans' hopes for a universal 3D Web graphics standard. "We believe that WebGL will likely become an ongoing source of hard-to-fix vulnerabilities," Microsoft said in a security blog post flatly titled "WebGL Considered Harmful." "In its current form, WebGL is not a technology Microsoft can endorse from a security perspective."

Microsoft Declares WebGL 'harmful' to Security

The move effectively kills WebGL fans' hopes, at least for now, that WebGL could become a standard Web programmers could count on finding in modern browsers. And that means one hot area of programming, games development, won't have an easy, unified way to tackle Web-based software.

WebGL was created initially at Mozilla, standardized by the Khronos Group, and supported by Google. It's built into Chrome and Firefox right now, giving those browsers a way to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics useful for games and other visually rich tasks.

As with many technologies, though, the security scrutiny picks up once the technology leaves the labs and enters the real world.

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