DMXzone Google Maps with Many Addresses
June 30, 2011 by Miroslav Zografski


Can I have dynamic or static DMXzone Google Maps with more than ten addresses?


To have your map loaded as quickly as possible and to prevent some limitations to be applied when using Google Geocoding Service you need to use the feature in our DMXzone Google Maps extension that converts an address to a latitude/longitude coordinates pair.  

1. Open the DMXzone Google Maps interface by clicking on its icon found in DMXzone part of the Insert panel.

2. Add new marker by clicking on the icon  .In the field named Address enter the address you like to set as marker on the map

3. Click on the convention icon . A notification dialog will appear. 


Click okay and your address will be geocoded to latitude and longitude.



When you are creating dynamic Google Map see to save in your database table the latitude and longitude and use them instead of the address when applying the DMXzone Google Maps extension.

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