Google Maps Directions Collection

Add directions to your Google Maps and unveil outstanding results

With the Google Maps Directions Collection you can add directions to your Google Maps and unveil outstanding results.



Ajax AutoComplete

A filtered dropdown with choices after entering a few characters

How many times have you struggled with entering long lists, while you had to lookup a product or country? AJAX AutoComplete will make your life easier. Your users can get a filtered dropdown with choices after entering a few characters, enabling quick search and selection without having to enter long text.

They can even autocomplete any address, city, street and country in Google Maps with the Google search automatically. Also you can choose to store the street, city, state, country and even found Geo location in separate form fields. This will save lots of time for your customers to complete forms with addresses, as those are now auto populated based on the Ajax autocomplete address lookup field!

NOTE: This extension relies on Dreamweaver Server Behaviors for its database functionality. Due to the fact that DW Server Behaviors work on PHP versions up to 5.6, we don't support newer versions of PHP! If you try using this on newer PHP versions, DW Server Behaviors will cause errors and the extensions won't work.

 This extension has been discontinued and is no longer supported or maintained. Please check the new App Connect Autocomplete.

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DMXzone Google Maps

Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver!

DMXzone Google Maps is a Dreamweaver extension that enables you to unleash the power of Google Maps in just a few clicks. Add markers to cities, addresses, businesses and events with info balloons on interactive, annotated maps and integrate them in your websites!

Let your visitors browse a dynamic or static map and find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. You can change marker images, show rich tooltips, pan to location and tons of other features all set up in a world featuring the beauty of Google Maps.

DMXzone Google Maps is powered by the miraculous and latest Google Maps API V3 and the extension gives even support for mobile devices, iPhone/iPad, Android, Win 7 Phone and BlackBerry!

DMXzone Google Maps has been discontinued, please get DMXzone Google Maps 2!

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Google Maps Directions Add-on

Display the best route with directions!

Make sure that your users never get lost on your Google maps with the Google Maps Directions Add-on! The extension allows you to add directions to locations, stores, offices or any address in the world. Display the routes with full directions lists and alternative routes visually on Google Maps.

Additionally, when you have multiple markers on your map you can choose to show the shortest route automatically, after the user enters its address in the Ajax AutoComplete control. Starting point, travel mode and a draggable route marker, to change the direction, are only few among the great features packed in the Google Maps Directions Add-on.

If you want to display your maps with directions on a mobile device (iPad/iPhone) they'll perform great thanks to the latest Google API V3!

Google Maps Directions Add-on requires Google Maps 2 and Ajax AutoComplete extensions.

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Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+
Browser: iPad

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