RIM Tweets Planned BlackBerry 7 Unveiling
July 26, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Research In Motion promises to give more details about devices featuring the BlackBerry 7 operating system. RIM announced on its official Twitter feed that it would release details of forthcoming devices featuring the company's new operating system.


RIM Tweets Planned BlackBerry 7 Unveiling

RIM unveiled its BlackBerry 7 OS at its annual BlackBerry World conference in May. The revamped mobile OS promises easier navigation through its Liquid Graphics interface, as well as faster, richer graphics performance and browsing. The latter is enabled by a revamped BlackBerry browser that includes a just-in-time JavaScript compiler and HTML 5 video support.

BlackBerry 7 OS also brings support for new technologies, including NFC (near-field communications) and augmented reality applications. Voice-enabled search and 720p HD video recording also make their debut on the new OS.

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