Listen to Your Music on the Google Music Player
August 10, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Google Music beta is out and you can request your invite here (only if your in the USA). So what is Google Music? Google Music is a very basic music locker and music player. Google music allows you to store your music library in the cloud (simply just add your mp3 files) and then play your music on both PC, MAC and Android phones. Google Music is currently free but has an upload capacity of 20,000 songs.

Listen to Your Music on the Google Music Player

It seems like Google are trying to get into the music industry, but the product itself seems to have a limited shelf life. I really think music streaming of an unlimited library is the way forward. Owning your own mp3 files is very limiting and is going to cost a lot to the consumer in the long run. It seems like a music subscription service on every possible device is the way the industry is moving. I think it is going to be very difficult for the leading technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple) to win in this market, because they will have to get their products on all platforms through very difficult negotiations.

Google Music seems to be exactly the same as the recent Amazon Cloud Drive, so Google will need to match and beat them on price.

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