Microsoft Aims To Make Website Pinning Easy
August 11, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Microsoft is making its website available to any developer wishing to use the pinning functionality in Internet Explorer 9 to improve the stickiness of their websites. The site is now available worldwide in 38 languages and 40 geographies.


Microsoft Aims To Make Website Pinning Easy

Ginger Howard, product manager, developer and platform evangelism at Microsoft, said: "Pinning is one of the features in IE9 that allows developers to make their sites more like Windows, but previously it took quite a lot of heavy lifting. To tackle this potential barrier to adoption, Microsoft is posting code snippets and templates on the website."

According to a Microsoft blog post, "provides the ideas and all the code you'll need to enhance your site with pinning in just a few easy steps and less than 15 minutes of development".

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