This Could Be the Design of the New “Entry-level” iPhone
August 15, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

While the entire world of Apple fanboys are looking for any clues as to what the next must-have Apple iPhone will look like, the Chinese counterfeiters are already spawning fake devices based on those “iPhone 5? case designs that have recently been circulating on the web. These “evil” counterfeiters have produced the “iPhone 5? before Apple officially release it, and surprisingly, there’s one particular device, sports a taped edge design that was revealed by those case leaks.

The New “Entry-level” iPhone

It is advertised as an “iPhone 5? in mainland China, and Jesus Diaz of tech site Gizmodo has already confirmed he believes this to be the next design, with so much conviction he’s publicly stated he’ll wax his entire body and go vegetarian for a month if it isn’t. Well, we heard his words, and we decided to get some hands-on experience on this alleged iPhone 5 clone, to check out if it really sports the design of the iPhone 5.

Read the full review, introducing the highlights of this iPhone 5 clone.

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