Mini-review & Competition: Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts

Rock The House with Flexible Layouts

Join author and trainer Geoff Blake as he takes you through CSS-based floating layouts. Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts is a fantastic video training to start for those just getting into flexible layouts with code fixing! Even more experienced users are sure to pick up new skills and techniques.



What You'll Learn

Ever struggled trying to figure out how to build a floating layout using only elements and CSS? Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts takes the mystery and headache away, and shows you how to build amazing CSS-based floating layouts from the ground up. With Geoff Blake’s trademark non-jargonny approach, you’ll have fun and learn a heap as you discover the world of floating layouts.

You’ll learn about floats and clears, then delve into creating three different types of layouts: flexible layouts, fixed layouts, and combination flexible/fixed layouts…all from scratch, all with floats, all by hand!


In order to win on of the 5 DVDs of Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts, all you need to do is to answer the following question: How many chapters does this training contain?
Send your answer to this e-mail address, before Thursday the 1st of September 2011.

Table Of Contents

Welcome To Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts!

  • Introduction
  • A Note About Set Up

Chapter 1: CSS Float Fundamentals

  • Basic Floating
  • Using Floats On Multiple Items
  • Introducing Clear
  • A Practical Example: Creating A Thumbnail Gallery With Float And Clear

Chapter 2: Building A Flexible Layout

  • Creating The Basic Structure
  • Setting Properties And Testing The Layout
  • Inserting The Header
  • Inserting The Footer And Finalizing
  • Understanding How The Layout Works

Chapter 3: Building A Combination Flexible / Fixed Layout

  • Building The Basic Layout Structure
  • Adding In Some Dummy Content
  • Setting Properties, Part 1
  • Setting Properties, Part 2
  • Final Layout Options

Chapter 4: Building A Fixed Layout

  • Setting Up The Stucture
  • Setting Properties, Part 1
  • Setting Properties, Part 2
  • Final Layout Options

Chapter 5: Conclusion

  • Wrapping It Up

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