Firefox Will Keep Its Version Numbers
August 26, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

It became a very heated debate over a very small thing: whether accelerated releases of Mozilla Firefox going forward will contain version numbers in its About dialog box. The opposition to Mozilla's plan to remove version numbers, and perhaps omit referring to them in consumer-focused marketing, centered around the difficulties IT departments face in managing end-users browsers, and that developers face in creating support products for them, such as add-ons.


Firefox Will Keep Its Version Numbers

The organization reversed course, saying the About box will remain as it has been. But in making that statement, Alex Faaborg, a contributor to the User Interface (UX) team of the open source project, told other contributors in Mozilla's public newsgroup that his team never actually made a final decision to remove version numbers in the first place, and that the vehement defense of UX's decision by Firefox product manager Asa Dotzler was, through no fault of his own, wrong.

"There was a miscommunication inside of the UX team, and Asa to his credit, adamantly defended us," wrote Faaborg. "Someone on the UX team requested this change, which is why Asa filed it. I really appreciate Asa giving us the authority and deferring to our decision, but in this case we didn't have the design sorted out enough ahead of time and we basically set him up. Had this actually been a practical joke that the UX team was trying to play on Asa, it would have been perfectly executed."

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