New Windows Explorer Will Ship With Windows 8
August 30, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Microsoft is currently pushing out new announcements like crazy on the Building Windows 8 blog. The company will improve file management features like copying in the new operating system. Windows Explorer will receive a complete redesign and will ship with many changes when the Windows 8 operating system comes out.

New Windows Explorer Will Ship With Windows 8

Many users of Windows feel that the current file manager of the operating system is in desperate need of a redesign, or at least some form of optimization.

The biggest change is a new Ribbon based user interface that many Windows users know from Microsoft Office. Ribbons have been criticized in the past, especially by experienced computer users. The main points of criticism are that a ribbon interface takes up to much space, and that its tabbed interface does not speed up all operations.

The Home Tab

The Hometab of the new interface offers buttons for the most popular Windows Explorer features. Microsoft analyzed the command usage and found out that only two of the top 10 Windows Explorer commands are currently visible in the command bar in Windows 7. Windows Explorer on Windows 8 will provide access to all those commands directly from the Hometab.

Here is the top 10 Windows Explorer command list:

  • Paste: 19%
  • Copy: 11%
  • Properties: 11%
  • Delete: 10%
  • Rename: 8%
  • Cut: 7%
  • Search: 7%
  • New Item: 6%
  • Open: 2%
  • Edit: 2%

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