Apple Begins In-store iOS 5 and iCloud Training
September 6, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Apple still hasn’t said anything about the official release date for iOS 5 and iCloud, but it looks like that date will be coming relatively soon. Apple has already begun training it’s store employees about said products.


In-store iOS 5 and iCloud Training

According to leaked documents on 9to5Mac, Apple is training their employees to know all about iOS 5 and iCloud. The training is done through Apple’s RetailMe, which typically has training material weeks before their official releases. Presumably that would mean that we’ll see iOS 5 and iCloud sometime relatively soon.Or it could just mean that Apple really wants to make sure it’s employees are fully prepared for the eventual release.

Hopefully this means we’ll see something about the new iOS and iCloud are coming relatively soon. The rumors seem to point to somewhere between now and late October, though this would hint at a relatively close release. Recent iOS and iCloud beta updates seem to have been mostly about fixing bugs, so maybe they’ll be ready soon. The wait for iOS 5 and the next iPhone seems to have been going on for far too long now.

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