BUILD: New Opportunities for Developers
September 12, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Microsoft is holding an event for the developer community called BUILD. This is a big week for the company. Microsoft is excited to talk with developers about the future of Windows and other products and tools they’re working on.


BUILD: Windows 2011

Microsoft gave a sneak peek of the next generation of Windows - “Windows 8” - in June at the D9 conference, and this week they’ll be sharing more with developers about the direction they’re taking. They’ll provide more details about how developers can build exciting new apps on Windows with no compromises.

If you’re a developer interested in knowing more, you can watch the keynotes live from the BUILD website, starting at 9 am PDT on Sept. 13th and the day two keynote at the same time on Sept. 14th. If you’re not a developer, but just want to know more about Windows 8 and the kinds of experiences it will make possible, this feature story is a good place to start.

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