Sencha Updates HTML5 Framework to Work with Android and iOS Device APIs
September 20, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article

Developer framework Sencha released a major update to its platform last week that further enhances its HTML5 capabilities and provides easy wrappers to package Web applications into native form for Android and iOS. It is a bulky update to Sencha and is representative of how the tools of the mobile developer industry need to keep pace with innovation.


Sencha Updates HTML5 Framework

Sencha provides the entire horizontal stack capabilities that professional developers need to write, package, scale and wrap Web and native applications. If that sounds kind of like the hash browns at The Waffle House, it is. Sencha wants to place itself as the go-to framework for mobile commercial software development.

The two biggest upgrades to Sencha Touch 2 are the ability to access iOS and Android device APIs and take HTML5 Web application development and wrap it back into native packages. To a certain extent, this brings Sencha into PhoneGap territory with the ability to wrap applications for iOS and Android. Yet, Sencha is quick to point out that it is a completely different product than PhoneGap, providing an end-to-end capability that PhoneGap has no interest (currently) of providing the type of scaffolding support that Sencha does.

"We are providing what used to be enterprise grade tools to developers," said Sencha CEO Michael Mullany. "Some of the same core concepts of BoltJS may have been inspired by what we have done with HTML5.

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