Microsoft Shoots down Google's Dart Language
November 24, 2011 by Daniela Vaseva Source article

Google didn't get any support from Microsoft for its plans to improve the programming language Dart that was built to replace JavaScript as one of the the most popular languages for web design. Without Windows as an ally it will be very hard for Google to get enough support for Dart among the browser creators while most developers are already familiar with JavaScript and libraries of pre-written software such as jQuery.


Dart got off to a rough start, with Google alienating some potential allies with an insular early-stage development process. And allies are key: For Dart to live up to its potential, it needs support among browser makers. Microsoft's stance makes it look like it'll be very hard to build that support into Internet Explorer. In addition, Microsoft remains influential with programmers, and it just offered a very public vote of no confidence.

JavaScript has the classic benefits of an incumbent technology. Programmers are familiar with it, newer browsers are remarkably faster at running it, and many libraries of pre-written software such as jQuery make powerful features easily accessible to Web developers. Such factors mean a virtuous cycle of steady improvement that makes it harder for a more revolutionary approach to gain a foothold.

And there are more improvements on the way--from Microsoft, from Mozilla, and yes, from Google itself, which continues to improve its JavaScript technology even as it preaches the gospel of Dart.

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