Open Graph for Reading News
December 5, 2011 by Daniela Vaseva Source article

Millions of Facebook users chose to use the news social apps Open Graph for reading specific news since its launch. The social network introduced the option for control over the news that you want to receive and read three months ago so people now can change their settings at any time and get what they really want.


Facebook doesn’t want to build its own products for music, video, news, gaming, and so on. Instead, the company wants to enable its users to share with each other the content they are consuming from the various third-party websites and services that serve it up. Facebook announced 17 launch partners at the event (hundreds more are working on building more social apps with the Open Graph) instead of its own solutions to compete with them.

Facebook would not say how many articles have been shared using the Open Graph news apps in the last 10 weeks since f8, unlike for music apps (1.5 billion listening activities on Facebook in six weeks). It’s possible the results aren’t that great, or maybe Facebook is waiting for the updates to start appearing in the upcoming Timeline revamp, and not just the Ticker, before sharing numbers.

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