Mozilla's Plan for 2012: Break the Ecosystem Lock
February 13, 2012 by Daniela Vaseva Source article

Mozilla announced its strategy for 2012 which main goal is to improve the Web as a foundation for applications, to create open, decentralized Web-app technology, and to build Mozilla's own app store. The company will also focus on building a browser-based mobile operating system, and providing a people-centered experience powered by the Web technology.


Firefox embodied Mozilla's effort to counter the damage that Microsoft's browser dominance caused on the Web. But now, as revealed in Mozilla 2012 plans published Sunday, the non-profit organization is putting the crosshairs on other big competitors, too: Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Those companies, along with Microsoft, each are building an ecosystem encompassing devices, operating systems, app stores, and apps. People should be worried about getting locked into any of those ecosystems, Mozilla believes.

Some recent non-Firefox projects at Mozilla have come across as dalliances, but the organization is beginning to sound now like it's found a new cause worth fighting for.

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