Photoshop CS6 Steals Illustrator's Dashed-line Styling
February 15, 2012 by Daniela Vaseva Source article

New features of the upcoming Photoshop CS6 were revealed in videos posted on YouTube. The most recent of them was that with the new version of Photoshop users will be able to easily add a dashed and dotted line like the ones in Illustrator. In the previews were also shown a new graphics-chip boost for the liquify filter, a darker user interface, a background save option, and new raw-image processing controls.

The feature for dashed and dotted lines lets people change the line style with a single click, Adobe said. In addition, gradient fills and other color effects can be applied. Although Adobe didn't promise the features for CS6, the new version is due in the first half of 2012 and Adobe has with earlier versions teased about upcoming features to drum up interest.

The line changes are part of "vector improvements" for Photoshop. Vector graphics are mathematical constructs that can be resized or otherwise altered without loss of quality; in comparison, Photoshop chiefly is used to handle bitmap images that consist of a grid of pixels with different color values.

Adobe's full-on vector design software is Illustrator, but there is some overlap between it and Photoshop.

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