Google Docs for Android App Finally Gets Mobile Collaboration
February 23, 2012 by Daniela Vaseva Source article

Google updated its Google Docs app for Android devices and enabled real-time document collaboration and editing without having to launch a browser. The app also got some overall improvements that enhance the user experience while creating, editing, uploading and sharing documents on Android phone or tablet.

Previously, the Google Docs app largely acted as a smarter frontend to the cloud document editing suite. Users were able to view documents, store their list of documents (though not the documents themselves) on the device, share files with people from your address book, and even turn a photo of text into an editable document. But any editing was actually done in the browser, and the collaborative aspect was limited to say the least.

Now, though, you can join a document with a touch and see changes in real-time, similar to the desktop browser-based version. Google even has a demonstration video up on YouTube, for further illumination.

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