Google Launches Gmail 2.0 On iOS
December 6, 2012 by Ivo Rangelov Source article

Google announced a refreshed version of its native app on iOS devices, with the launch of Gmail 2.0. The app most noticeably introduces a cleaner-looking user interface, but it also brings a number of flourishes to improve the overall experience, including the addition of profile pictures in messages, new animations, infinite scrolling, and more, as well as a hugely in-demand feature: support (at last!) for multiple accounts.


The update is a solid one, especially for an app that hasn’t always impressed. Also included are new time-savers, including autocomplete predictions that appear when you type in the search field, and integration with Google Calendar. That is, you can now RSVP to Google Calendar invites from you mobile. Google+, of course, gets shimmied in there too, with added support for +1'ing and commenting directly on Google+ posts directly within the app. For users with multiple Google Accounts, however, the most exciting update is the ability to quickly switch between accounts from the menu.

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