YouTube Home Page Gets Face Lift
December 7, 2012 by Ivo Rangelov Source article

YouTube is getting a significant redesign that puts subscriptions front and center. Over the past several months, Google has been pushing a cleaner, simpler design language on its myrid sites and apps, and now YouTube is getting the same look and feel, adding the same white and grey color scheme and sparse layout found in apps like Google+ and Google Now. While you’ve always been able to subscribe to channels, Google is pushing how the subscription-focused design is just like adding your favorite shows to your DVR.


The changes include placing the video at the top of the page, putting it front and center for the viewer, and adding elements such as subscribe, the social action options, and the video information right below the player. Playlists are on the right, and can be browsed while the video is playing. The company said these changes are being made throughout the site. The hope is that viewers come for one video and can browse and find more videos afterwards, keeping them on the site longer.

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