YouTube Brings Guide Interface to Tablets
December 11, 2012 by Ivo Rangelov Source article

YouTube announced on its Google+ page that it has updated its Android app and mobile web to better align those experiences with the most recent update to its homepage. The big change is the addition of a Guide for navigating through videos from channels that users have subscribed to, as well as allowing users to discover new channels that they might not already know about. That will be added to the new YouTube Android app, as well as the mobile web site optimized for tablets, like the iPad.

The update comes just a few days after YouTube launched a redesign of its website, seeking to provide easier access to channels. And the whole channel push is coming as the company seeks to provide more professional content, like that which it’s invested in through its Original Channels initiative, as well as through growing multichannel networks like Machinima or Maker Studios.

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