Windows Phone Is Lacking YouTube App
January 3, 2013 by Ivo Rangelov Source article

There’s no love lost between Microsoft and Google: The two have been feuding for more than a decade, with Microsoft regularly calling Google out for anti-competitive behavior in search. As AllThingsD pointed out yesterday, one issue that’s cropped up again is the lack of a Windows Phone app for YouTube. On Microsoft’s public policy blog, Microsoft VP & Deputy General Counsel Dave Heiner has an extensive post complaining about YouTube’s lack of support for its mobile platform, and how that affects its users.


The gist is that Microsoft has been trying for years to get a proper YouTube app working, and has developed its own app to bring a high-quality experience to Windows Phone devices. But YouTube has prevented Microsoft from making the same features available to iOS and Android users available on its platform. Microsoft has never been shy about building apps for its devices when developers don’t have the resources to do so, or its platforms are low on their priority list. It’s worked hand-in-hand with a number of developers to get their apps on Xbox Live (including YouTube), and has even built apps for companies like Twitter and Facebook to get them on Windows Phone.

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